With five days to go until Le'Veon Bell faces

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With five days to go until Le'Veon Bell faces

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the final deadline for showing up at in 2018 Russell Color Rush Shepard Jersey , the Steelers are in the same position as everyone not named Le’Veon Bell: They have no idea what he’s going to do.Per a league source, the Steelers have a plan for every potential outcome, which at this point boils down to two. He shows up, or he doesn’t. The Steelers simply don’t know at this point which it will be.The one wild card in the analysis continues to be the ongoing health of running back James Conner. If Conner suffers a season-ending injury on Thursday night against the Panthers (for tailbacks, the possibility of a season-ending always looms), Bell suddenly acquires significant leverage Julius Peppers Jersey , permitting a last-ditch effort to get the Steelers to offer more than $855,000 per week for the rest of the regular season, possibly along with an incentive package tied to postseason performances, among other things.Assuming Conner emerges unscathed from the game against the Panthers, the Steelers will wait for Bell to show up, or not to show up DJ Moore Color Rush Jersey , by Tuesday. If he does, the current plan isn’t to treat him like a rented car with full insurance coverage, but to incorporate him into the offense in a way designed to make it better. That could include, among other things, keeping Conner in the backfield and, from time to time James Color Rush Bradberry Jersey , lining Bell up in the slot.None of that matters unless and until he shows up. And the Steelers, like everyone not named Le’Veon Bell, will be waiting to see what happens by Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. ET. I joined Jeanna Thomas and DW to discuss the upcoming divisional matchup on Sunday for your podcasting pleasure. This is a very important game for both teams, as the Falcons try to right the ship after an 0-1 start and the Panthers try to rally to 2-0 despite several awful injuries. Topics discussed include:How injuries have sucked in general for both teamsHow the Panthers offense will fair against a banged up Falcons defenseHow a terrible slew of injuries ravaged the Panthers offensive line, and how they will try to combat these issuesScoring predictionsSome Saints trash talk (as always) along with some general banter between the rival writersScore predictionsThis is always a fun time with these two, despite their choice of NFL team. We always keep it playful and real Ian Thomas Jersey , and there’s really never a sense of homerism.Check out the podcast here, and let us know what you think!
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