how do other people solve this problem?

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how do other people solve this problem?

Notapor spadekevin » 03 Ago , 2018 09:35


I now cook for myself (a party of one). I have the basic equipment I need and I'm a reasonably seasoned beginner (if that make sense). But I do have a problem...since I'm only cooking for one, I usually make one or two dishes at a time and I'm set for a week. This means that I can't go through mirepoix ingredients fast enough. My grocery options are pretty limited, so I usually end up having to buy a bag of onions, a bunch of carrots, and a head of celery...even if I pick the small ones, it's more than I can use up.
Enter the freezer.I searched the subject and I can't develop a clear consensus. Some people say "don't...they don't freeze well." Others say "blanch first." Then there's the "go ahead and saute/sweat first then freeze the result" school of thought. My thinking is that since these veggies would typically sauteed or sweated until soft anyway, the textural loss caused by freezing would be masked by the cooking method anyway. Initial conclusion? Freeze away.

So what sayeth the Lounge? Go or no go...or how do other people solve this problem?

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

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Thank you.
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Re: how do other people solve this problem?

Notapor AndrewMcGee » 21 Ago , 2018 08:45

Cooking is a vital life skill. It's great for students to realize there are so many fun aspects, such as enjoying cooking together.
You just need some practice and good advice from adults around you. Ask your mother or father or grandma about this.

Andrew S. McGee,
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Re: how do other people solve this problem?

Notapor rosabellagm » 24 Ago , 2018 03:26

Cocinar es un arte. ¡Has ayudado a que quede más claro para mí!
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Re: how do other people solve this problem?

Notapor PaulSanderson » 29 Oct , 2018 11:22

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Re: how do other people solve this problem?

Notapor HelgaMarselos » 10 Ene , 2019 10:25

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Re: how do other people solve this problem?

Notapor coroha » 11 Ene , 2019 12:24

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Re: how do other people solve this problem?

Notapor jacqulynnash » 15 Ene , 2019 11:41

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